The Meditation Melt Sample Box

The Meditation Melt Sample Box

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Spa Day

A bouquet recreating the scent of one of the most beautiful flowering trees.This variation features a unique frangipani essential oil component and is a lovely summery scent.

 Top Notes:Fir Needle, Orange  Middle Notes:Frangipani, Lily Of the Valley

Base Notes:Rose, Star Jasmine



A deep, yet balanced, musk that is well suited for either masculine or feminine products. Notes of fern and orris add to the musk flower and woody base notes.

 Top Notes: Freesia, Light Ozonic Middle Notes: Soft Violet, Pink Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes: Sweet Musk, Creamy Sandalwood



A rich, woody blend with a true to life aroma. Australia is blessed with the largest natural resource of sandalwood (santalum spicatum) in the world;

 Top Notes: Bergamot, Orange  Middle Notes: Cedarleaf, Amber

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Cedarwood


Nag Champa 

Inspired by Indian incense this scent has woody notes similar to patchouli, with touches of musk, amber, and vanilla. Perfect for meditation sessions.