Our Story

In February 2018 I accepted my redundancy package and left my job as HR Manager for a major food retailer. We paid off our mortgage with my redundancy payment. I was already making soy wax candles and bath products as gifts for family and friends and I had this MAD idea that i could do it full time! With the love and support of my family I started my business and in April 2018 I registered Molly & Me Candles with HMRC. Suddenly it was all very real and the rollercoaster ride had begun.

Our Purpose

I am a self-confessed candle lover and I was a VERY regular customer or a certain popular American candle retailer and whilst I had noticed the black soot around the rims of the candle jars I am ashamed to say I hadn't really made the connection that I was polluting our home environment until our home decorator gave me a lecture about them!

Anyone that knows me won't be surprised that I started to look into making my own candles. I was now very concious of the pollution aspect of burning candles and whilst I wanted to reduce this I still wanted to have my scented candles in my home. So I started searching for fragrance oils with lower toxic properties and found excellent suppliers of paraben and pthalate free oils. The rest is history. I now make candles using only soy wax and my oils are all paraben free and the vast majority are also pthalate free.

Eco Committments

The other interesting part of my candle making journey was the direction my research took me in. I started to become more educated on the environment and the impact of my everyday choices like what I washed dishes, clothes and my body in. I was very shocked by the impact of plastic use in particular and so when my good friend Susan O'Connor shared her idea of an Eco Market called Sustain and asked me to help her establish it I jumped at the chance to become involved. I am continually looking at ways we can reduce the impact we have on the environment both in our home and in our businesses. Our packaging is is carefully sourced so it is recyclable, recycled, compostable and/or biodegradable. We are consistently trying to cut down on our carbon footprint and this has led me to offer workshops which encourage others to do so too. Our eco commitments are very important to us and we are continuing to educate ourselves and our customers on how we can improve those daily.

Glass Recycling Scheme

Return your Molly & Me glass jar with the label intact and we will give you a free wax melt sample.


I am so proud of everything that we have achieved as a family unit - I guess our business should be called 'Molly, Me & HIm' because I couldn't do it without the love and support of my daughter and husband and the rest of my wonderful family and friends who constantly shout about our products and help shape our product ranges.

"If you want to know who your family is look at the side lines, the audience, the people clapping, and the one's telling you how much faith they have in you, that's what family is all about"