Private Label Candles & Corporate Gifting

We are a well-established artisan candle & skincare company and as such we know how difficult and complex it is to navigate setting up a profitable candle-making business. We have spent the last six years perfecting our brand and upskilling ourselves in the art of candle making and we are now able to offer a private label service. 

Private label candles will make a lasting impression on your clients, customers and business. If you are looking to expand your product range to include candles or wax melts, or you wish to have a bespoke hospitality gift to give your customers/clients then we can help you develop a private-label candle product.

We have worked with a range of clients spanning various business categories including building contractors, interior design companies, social enterprises and businesses within the food and drink industry. 

All products are handmade by us in our Candle Studio in Co Tyrone.

Our candles are Vegan friendly and yours can be too.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and yours can be too.

Our candles are made from 100% soy wax with wooden or cotten wicks.

Private Label Candle FAQ's

We have provided details below based on common questions ourclients usually have.

What type of wax and wicks do you use in Private LabelCandles?

We use 100% Natural Soy Wax. There are a lots of differentcandle waxes on the market, but we have settled for soy wax as it has aconsistently good performance record. Due to the nature of our operation, weare unable to offer other types of candle wax at this stage.

We offer a choice of wooden wicks or cotton wicks forcandles. Wooden wicks are becoming increasingly popular. They provide abeautiful aesthetic to a candle as they emit a comforting crackling sound asthey burn.

Cotton wicks are the more traditional choice, and we use abrand that has a proven track record in delivering top class burning power. 

What type of candle containers do you offer? 

We purchase all our wax, wicks, and candle containers from aselection of established and reputable candle supply companies, guaranteeing thatour candle containers are tested and suitable for candles. We will meet withyou to discuss your brand and suggest suitable containers ranging from glass totin. The type of candle container is the key factor that will influence thepricing structure. 

What is your minimum order quantity? 

We have low minimum order quantities because we recognisethat introducing  branded  candles can be a risky investment at the startand we want to work with you to find a branded candle that adds excellent valueto your brand. The type of candle container you choose may influence the MOQ asthe candle container supply company may have its own MOQ. 

Do you have a range of fragrances to choose from? 

We have a very large and varied range of fragrances alreadyon our books, but we also have excellent suppliers of the finest fragrance oilswho can offer a very extensive range of oils. One of these companies will workwith us and their supplier to  developbespoke fragrances although this obviously comes at an extra cost. We will onlyuse paraben free oils and most of the oils we use are phthalate free also. 

How do we decide on the right fragrance oil for our brandedcandle?

We help you manage the whole process from beginning to end,producing candles that burn beautifully with a sensational scent throw toenhance any home. We will meet with you and allow you to experience the variousfragrances. It is important that you have considered what you want your candleto say about your business as this will very often influence the type offragrance. For example, one of our clients wanted four fragrances that matchedtheir range of alcoholic drinks. No question is a stupid question so pleasefeel free to ask away – this is a big investment for your company, and weunderstand that you will want to be sure it is the right choice.

Once you have selected the type of fragrance, we willproduce a sample candle and melts for you to test before you finalise yourcandle.

Please note that any fragrances not within our existing rangewill incur a small charge for testing purposes. 

Do you provide labels for the candles as part of theservice?

Our small batch private label candles service includessupplying products complete with CLP compliant bespoke safety labels. We do notprovide branded labels for the candles as experience has taught us that mostcompanies want the flexibility to source their own. You may already have astrong brand and existing Graphic Design team and we can advise on specificsthat may need to be on the label. We can recommend the company who prints ourown brand labels, or you are free to arrange for your labels to be printed. Wewill apply the labels to the finished candle for you. 

Do you provide packaging as part of the service?

Again, we can suggest a range of excellent off-the-shelfpackaging options. Packaging will include delivery costs if you wish us toorder for you from our supplier.

You may wish to have bespoke packaging for your privatelabel candle, and we can recommend an excellent Northern Ireland based companywho will work with us to help you deliver your final product. 

What are the timescales involved? 

Timescalesare dependent on several factors including the length of time it takes for youto be sure about your final product, the number of candles you require, ourorder book status and the type of container and oils you have chosen. We havealways delivered to our clients well within their desired timelines. We willwork closely with you from first contact to final approval of your product,creating the highest quality own label scented candles to meet your needs readyto sell or gift to your customers. It is worth mentioning that September toDecember is an incredibly busy time for our candle business. Did you know that85% of all candle sales are within this timescale? We obviously have to planwell ahead so if you are considering a private label home fragrance option thenwe would encourage you to allow up to 4 weeks planning before we start to makeyour product. 

What type of pricing structure do you have for privatelabel candles? 

As each candle is bespoke to our clients, we cannot give youa standard pricing structure. The prices very much depend on all the componentsof your candle including type of wick, container, fragrance, packaging,labelling etc. We do price per candle as we believe this helps you withbudgeting and we will work with you to bring a cost-effective candle to yourcustomers. 

1. Consultation

2. Formulation

3. Testing & Regulations

4. Production

"As an interior design company, we were seeking a unique and personalised touch to offer our clients. Collaborating with Sharron for private label candles has been an absolute game-changer. The attention to detail and commitment to quality in crafting these bespoke candles perfectly aligns with our brand ethos. Our clients have been not only impressed but genuinely delighted with the ambiance these candles bring to their spaces."




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